What You Need to Build a Dog Park

Dog parks have become quite popular in recent years. A dog park will provide space for canine companions to have fun in a safe and supportive environment. It’s often wise, however, to provide basic amenities, such as access to drinking water. A dog park organizer may also need to find a porta potty rental in Ann Arbor or wherever the park is set up. After all, people may need to go to the bathroom.

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One of the biggest aspects of a dog park is safety. A well-designed space will help keep dogs safe. For example, fencing can be set to ensure that dogs don’t run into dangerous areas, like a road. Sadly, many dogs die each year after collisions with vehicles. Some dog parks also fence off specific areas for smaller dogs, who might get hurt accidentally if they play with larger dogs.

Another thing to keep in mind is access to water. It’s smart to provide a water tap and drinking fountains so that both dogs and people can get a drink when needed. Many dogs love playing, but can quickly overexert themselves. A lack of access to water could greatly increase the risk of a serious medical emergency, such as heat stroke.

Ultimately, dog parks can add a lot of value to their community. However, it is also crucial to ensure that patrons can access basic amenities.