Dog Seeks Dog, Pooch Online Matching

Dating sites for animal lovers

The internet seems to be the main hub of human connection for personal, business, and even romantic connecting. It has worked out so well for humans, so why wouldn’t it work for that one reliable companion in your life; your dog. Days get long for your four-legged furry friend, specially if you have a daytime job or work long hours. And even though you can have lengthy playtime with them when you are around, it doesn’t mean that they still don’t need more interaction. In fact, with only an additional 20 minutes of playtime periodically throughout the day, it can improve the overall mood of your pet and help with their long term health. Also, if you are a dog breeder looking for other dog breeders, turn to the internet, and let the matchmaking begin.

How to get started.

Online dog dating sites are a common thing of the internet now, and you can set your dog up on a playdate, or even find a perfect breeding match. You can create a profile in minutes for your dog, and then immediately search for dog playdates or dog breeders. You select what locations you’d like your dog to play in, what breeds would probably be a good match, and times throughout the day that you would be looking to meet up or schedule a playdate for. If you are looking to specifically breed your dog, there would be similiar asked criteria, but for dog breeders there would be additional questions regarding the health history of your pet to ensure the dog meets certain standards and gets an impeccable reciprocating fit.

What to look for in the perfect playdate for your pet.

Currently, there are 70 to 80 million pet owners in the US, and 37% to 47% of those people have dogs. That is up from the 36% of dog owners in 2012 where only 67% of Americans had at least one pet in the household. With the increase of pet owners, comes an increase in pet resources. To make sure you are finding the right fit or match for your puppy or dog, keep some key thoughts in mind for your dog meetups:

  • Try to match the age range of the dog to be similar. This will help pair energy levels of the animals to ensure a compatible playtime.
  • Look at the breeds and size of the dogs. Though some big dogs get along with small dogs, and vice verse, you want to make sure that the breed your dog is friends with has the same personality, characteristics, and energy level.
  • Check to see if the other dog has any medical issues or play anxiety. At least 4% of dogs do have anxiety and that can affect their behavior when playing

Companionship is very important for animals, especially dogs, and online doggie dating and playdate profiles has made it easier than ever to find that match and friendly fun for your dog. There is low cost association, like driving to dog breeders, or for miscellaneous expenses on your doggie playdate, but they are worth it at the end of the day because having a happy and healthy pet is always priceless.