Four Labradoodle Grooming Tips You Need to Know

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Grooming chocolate labradoodle puppies isn’t quite as hard as you might think. Here’s how it’s done.


Now this might seem confusing, but chocolate labradoodle puppies need regular bathing, but not frequent bathing. Labradors and poodles have both evolved water-resistant coats, which means that Australian labradoodle puppies don’t get dirty that easily. In fact, bathing them too much can actually remove the natural oils in their coat, causing it to become dried and frizzed. Instead, give them a bath at least once a few weeks, or when they need it.


Although chocolate labradoodle puppies might not need baths too often, they do need to get brush many times a week to ensure that their coats remain healthy. When brushing a chocolate labradoodle puppy, be sure to brush all the way down to the skin so that the massaging action stimulates blood circulation, while also loosening and removing dandruff. Then, use a comb to make sure you didn’t miss any knots or mats.


Chocolate labradoodle puppies should get their ears cleaned at least once a month, if not more. They need to have their outer ears cleaned only, which should be done with a damp cloth or a cotton swab with ear cleaner on it. Chocolate labradoodle puppies should never have anything forced into their ear.


Chocolate labradoodle puppies also need to have their teeth cleaned, too. This can be done with your finger, or with a specially designed brush, just so long as an appropriate, dog-formulated paste is applied. Most standard Australian labradoodles will figet, squirm, and fight when having their teeth cleaned, so it may be necessary to train them first. They can also chew on bones and carrots for quick cleans that can help get rid of plaque and fight bad breath. However, they will still need their teeth cleaned properly.

Grooming miniature labradoodle puppies isn’t tough. All they need is to be brushed frequently, and have their ears, teeth, and coats cleaned regularly. That’s it!

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