Funny Pet Videos Online Providing Comic Relief to Those Surfing the Web

Funny pet video

Since its rise to prominence that is seen today, the Internet has been a source for so many different needs and wants of individuals. Though many use it as a source for finding information primarily, the Internet can also be a bottomless well of entertainment. People will often go online when they need a laugh and quickly finding various sources of humor and entertainment. One of the most popular brands of humor that rose to popularity thanks to the Internet is funny pet videos. In addition to funny ones, individuals can also find informative YouTube pet videos that offer pet training tips and and pet grooming tips.

Funny pet videos have been popular for quite some time, even well before the age of YouTube and the Internet as we know it now. The television show Americas Funniest Home Videos frequently featured funny pet videos in the past, with many of them winning awards. Today, 40 percent of people that surf videos online say that they watch funny pet videos as a source of comic relief.

With over 2 million fans, the dog that is considered to be the most popular on the Internet is a Pomeranian named Boo. Maru is considered the most famous cat for Internet videos, known for shoving himself into small containers like Chinese food take out boxes. Grumpy Cat is a cat famous for his grumpy looking face, and has even generated thousands of dollars in profits from his merchandise.

Those looking for pet training tips on YouTube can also find a wide range of options to choose from. Many professional pet trainers make tutorial videos on training pets for discipline and behavior. Pet owners can also watch videos on pet training tips to learn how to teach their pets various tricks. Whether it be for pet training tips or for comic relief, individuals can find a plethora of pet videos online.