How Often Do You Take Your Dog to a Professional Groomer?

Did your dog receive one of those adorable knit sweaters for Christmas? Are you one of those pet owners who makes an appointment with local dog grooming companies as often as make your own appointment with your own stylist? If you answered yes to either of these questions you are part of a growing number of Americans who treat a pet like a legitimate member of the family.

Pet owners who are need of all day long dog care while they are at work or out of town have the additional benefit of knowing that their pet can get the needed grooming services at the same time. Without the extra need for making grooming appointments, the best daycare for pets offer a full range of services. From grooming to boarding to training, pet owners are often looking for all of the conveniences they need whenever they are away from their furry friends, on vacation or at work.

Dog Grooming Companies Offer a Wide Variety of Convenient Services
From small dog daycares to larger facilities that care for pets of all sizes, there are many resources available to today’s pet owners. In fact, professional dog grooming companies often schedule their services weeks, and even months in advance. The happiest and healthiest pets are the ones that get the best care and the most social and recreational interactions and activities. In fact, a recent study investigating social play in adult, group housed dogs at a boarding kennel indicated that of 343 social play bouts, all but one were dyadic in nature. This is an indicator that animals, especially dogs love to interact with each other.
When owners know that their pets are well cared for while they are at work or on vacation being separated is not so difficult. Not surprising, throughout the U.S. and Canada there are approximately 9,000 boarding kennels offering their services. As pets continue to become even more important in our lives, there is no reason to believe that the trend of top notch animal care will continue. Whether or not you purchased one of those adorable sweaters for your furry friend, you definitely want to make sure that your pet is well cared for while you are away for vacation or at work.