How Pet Insurance Works to Protect Your Dog

Health care for animals

Anyone who has brought a dog home knows their pet becomes like a member of the family. Dogs are often described as man’s best friend for a good reason; they are loyal and loving lifetime companions. Once one decides to adopt a dog, they take on all of the responsibilities which pet ownership implies.

Many dog owners refer to their pet as their fur baby because of the close attachments that are made. Health care for pets is a rapidly growing field that gives owners the peace of mind to know that should their furry family member become ill, the medical costs will be more manageable.

How Pet Insurance Works to Protect Your Puppy

Nothing is more exciting than meeting your new puppy for the first time! Squirming little balls of fur that look at you with adoration and trust compel you to care for them to the best of your ability. This is why puppy health insurance is typically offered to new owners at their very first veterinary appointment. Owners who are savvier may know that this is offered outside of the pet clinic and may be able to find a plan that is more affordable or that offers more benefits than the ones veterinarians sell.

One of the reasons vets offer puppy health insurance to new owners is because of the sheer number of services puppies need early on. There are routine appointments and also the potential for accidents as puppies learn their new environment and potential infections as their immune system develops. There are numerous types of pet health insurance plans to ensure that owners are able to choose exactly the type of coverage they want for their new puppy.

How Pet Insurance Works to Protect Older Dogs

Older dogs are more prone to accidents for a variety of reasons. Pet insurance helps owners ensure they will be able to financially care for their furry family member in the event of an unexpected illness or accident.

As with human health insurance, pet health insurance seems like an unnecessary expense until it is needed. Unfortunately, once it is needed it is far more difficult to obtain the insurance. This is because most preexisting conditions are not covered under pet health insurance which makes it imperative to have the policy before something happens.

How pet insurance works best is to make the investment while your canine friend is healthy to ensure it is in place if it is needed. More than 46 million households in the United States have at least one dog. Dog and cat owners spend more than $13 billion on veterinary care, $20 billion on pet food, and $12 billion on over the counter medicine and other pet supplies. Much of this could be reduced with pet insurance plans.