How to Protect Your Pet From Harm

Pet care

Dogs and cats are more than just animals for many households in America: They are family. On social media, from Tumblr to Facebook, people celebrate their pets through videos and pictures, with often long compilations of dogs being reunited with family or cats acting like their adorable selves.

There are some quick statistics to show how many dogs and cats there are in this country.

  • Approximately 37% to 47% of all households in the United States have a dog.
  • In fact, 46.3 million U.S. households have a dog.
  • With about 76.43 million cats, the U.S. has more felines than any other country.

And we care for them greatly, such as in the $20.5 billion we spend on pet food each year; or the $12.6 billion we spend on pet supplies and over-the-country medicine each year; or the $13.6 billion we spend on vet care each year. We take care of our pets and often treat them alongside every other member of family.

Unfortunately, there are often questions that accompany the ownership of a dog or cat, especially when it comes to safety. Here are some questions that may occur with dog or cat owners:

  • How should you go about protecting your outside dogs in the summer months?
  • How should I keep my cat or dog safe in areas where they could be hurt?
  • Medical costs are mounting. How do defray health costs in the meantime to get my dog or cat treatment?

These are all very important questions when it comes to the financial cost of caring for your pet. For instance, your dog may step on a piece of glass outside. Your dog comes in with a bloody foot and must be rushed to the vet. The cost could be in the hundreds when treatment is through.

Or your cat could come down with an illness, requiring medicine for treatment.

Much like the How Should You Go About Protecting Your Outside Dogs in the Summer Months question, it may be difficult to protect them from all of elements and different animals that come to life in the summer months. In that case, some are opting to try another method–pet health insurance.

Pet insurance for cats or health insurance for dogs can add some stability to your finances when taking care of vet bills or costs or injury treatment. It can even go as far to protect your animals health when your pet is dealing with an illness. Insurance for pets can range in price, as is the case with most insurance plans.

When you are going through the pet insurance process, it is always important to do your homework and research the best company that is right for you. Check ratings, customer reviews, different plans to come up with the situation that best suits your needs and your pet’s needs.

Question about protecting your outside dogs in the summer months can allow for some thinking about finances and your pet.