Mental Illness Is A Well-Known Issue In America How Support Dogs Are Becoming Just As Common

Mental health, just like our physical health, is supported through several different things.

Your social health relies on a steady and trustworthy support system, from close friends to family. Your emotional health is bolstered through regular hobbies, such as fishing or painting on the weekends. When you’re still struggling to get through the week, though…there’s no shame in asking for a little more help. The best pets for depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety can change the way you look at mental health. They provide you the companionship you crave and the company that makes even the roughest week bearable.

Have you considered whether or not to adopt an emotional support animal? Here are a few things you can think about this year.

Mental Illness Is More Common Than You Might Think

When you’re mentally ill…it’s easy to feel like you’re all alone. Recent statistics on mental health in the United States, however, are painting a much bigger picture on the issue. Anxiety disorders have been determined to be the most common mental illness in the country and affect at least 40 million adults and children. Post-traumatic stress disorder has been diagnosed in nearly 4% of the population, as well. When you add in panic disorder, depression, and bipolar disorder…you are far from alone.

Dogs Remain America’s Number One Pet

Alongside therapy and possible medication, learning how to adopt an emotional support dog can do wonders to lift you out of this pit. One study revealed nearly 45% of American families today own at least one dog, bringing the canine population to a staggering 80 million. The average dog is able to understand around 165 words, though some can go as high as 200. Dogs have been bred extensively over thousands of years to fit easily into our lives and provide us companionship, support, and various services. Helping you through depression is just one of their many skills.

Emotional Support Is Necessary To Live A Healthy Life

Just exercising and going to therapy isn’t enough. You deserve to feel loved and wanted. An emotional support animal will be there for you even when you’re struggling to go out and socialize, something that anxiety in particular makes very difficult. A recent study found nearly 75% of those surveyed reporting significant mental health improvements from keeping animals. A license will ensure you can extend further flexibility to your new life and take your pet anywhere.

A License Can Help You Train Your Pet And Take Them Anywhere

Do you travel a lot? Are you worried you won’t be able to keep an animal at a new apartment complex? Extended tenancy rights and being able to fly with your pet can be done when you apply for an ESA letter online. Back in 2015 a major airline carried nearly 25,000 emotional support animals. Most pet-friendly housing charges a separate pet deposit, though this can change depending on your application letter.

Signing Up For An Emotional Support Animal In 2019

Your mental health could use a boost. An emotional support animal for depression or post-traumatic stress disorder is just the ticket. An animal provides you with the responsibility you need when you’re having trouble taking care of yourself. They give you companionship when things get too rough and provide you with the gentle humor needed to get through the week. Applying for an emotional support animal means sending in an application and getting your letter.

The rest, as they say…is history! How could an emotional support dog do to make 2019 a better year?