The Stress Relieving Benefits of Funny Pet Videos

Funny pets videos

Many years ago it became common knowledge that stress can adversely affect the overall health of those who do not find positive ways to reduce it. While experiencing occasional stress is simply a part of life, living under constant pressure and stress will eventually take a heavy toll on the human heart.

Depending upon the amount of stress and a variety of other health factors, the consequences can be devastating. When you consider the many pressures of modern life, and the high pressure jobs many perform daily, you would think that every police officer, fireman, soldier, attorney, nurses, stockbroker, CEOs, or anyone working a demanding job, would be overwhelmed by stress. However, this simply is not the case. So what is the difference?

Although everyone is unique and has a different threshold for stress, much of it comes down to attitude. The introduction to a recent study on stress states that perspective can influence considerably how we approach problems. Do we view problems with fear? Or do we consider them challenges? Two easy ways that studies have shown can change our perspective are laughter and owning pets. If you find this funny, go ahead, laugh; it is good for you!

All joking aside, every who owns a pet will tell you that there are few things that will lift your spirits faster than coming home to an exuberant, loving dog or cat. According to one study on AIDS and depression, severe depression is three times less likely in men living with aid who do not own pets, than those who do not. A different study revealed that the blood pressure of stock brokers who were pet owners were significantly lower than those who did not.

Due to lifestyle differences, it is not practical for everyone to own a pet; however, everyone has the propensity for laughter. And funny pets videos can offer much of the same health benefit of laughter and pet ownership. While you cannot cuddle up with funny pets videos, it is impossible to deny that watching a large dog snuggling with a rabbit is funny, adorable, and relaxing.

Funny pet video are easily found online, and can be an excellent way to take your mind off the typical pressures that we all experience. The laughter that can be experienced through funny pets videos have been shown to distract people from stress inducing emotions such as anger, guilt, and other negative emotions. Additionally, the innocent and vulnerable nature of pets can promote feelings of kindness, which can completely change self defeating behaviors are the foremost purveyors of stress.