The Ultimate Guide To Picking Out Your New Puppy

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Dogs Are Man’s (And Woman’s) Best Friend

Dogs make wonderful pets. They are loyal and smart, while fun and almost always happy. Their positive energy is simply a joy to be around, and makes the use of pet waste stations worth it! In fact, more than 46 million households own at least one dog. And if you don’t have a dog, you may find yourself pining for one. Whether you find yourself pet stranger’s dogs at the park or begging friends to let you have a play date with their dog, you are likely here because you are considering getting a dog of your very own. But how can you know just how to pick out the perfect puppy?

There are various options and decisions to be made before it even comes time to pick out a puppy. Is there a particular breed or size of dog you want? Are you willing to pick up after them with poop bags and use pet waste stations? Would you prefer to adopt from the pound or shelter, or from a rescue organization? How much space will the dog have and how much time do you have to commit to providing him or her with exercise? This last question is particularly important, especially when you realize that most dogs require additional exercise between the ages of one year to four years. These are important questions to consider (and answer truthfully). For the rest, here’s a guide to help you choose the perfect puppy!

Choosing Your Forever Puppy

First you should decide if you want your puppy to be male or female. Keep in mind that females tend to be smaller in size, yet more active than males. This knowledge comes in hand if you know that you prefer smaller dogs, but are able to sacrifice a few extra minutes for exercise. Once this decision is made, it is important to then determine if you want to spay and neuter your pet. This is particularly important if you want to avoid any accidental litters or prevent diseases and cancers associated with their sexual organs.

Next, it is important to consider the temperature you would prefer from your puppy. More dominant dogs tend to be a little more difficult to train, as they are stubborn and less likely to listen. On the other hand, dominant dogs have strong personalities and are likely to be more protective. However, more submissive canines may be quieter, less needy, and less stubborn. As a result, it is best to determine what personality type fits you best to help you pick out the perfect fit.

When picking out puppies, it is important to consider you answer to the previously listed questions. Consider whether you want a male or female, and if you want a more dominant or submissive puppy. Then you can begin to meet puppies and try to find the one that fits your lifestyle best. Sit on the ground and call the puppy to you. Ask the shelter or rescue volunteers what they have noticed about the puppy. Watch the puppy play with other dogs. You can learn a lot about personality just by observing the canine. So, be sure to pay attention and you will easily find the best fit for you and your family.

The next step is to prepare yourself to pick up after him and use pet waste stations! You should also be sure to pick out the best equipment for your puppy. To prepare for his arrival, you should purchase high quality dog crates for easy travel, and pick out a nearby park with dog obstacles.