Those Funny Four Legged Fuzzballs

Funny pet videos

Why are funny pets videos so darn funny every single time? I have spent hour after hour before online searching for more funny pet videos. Last night I watched footage of a large and cranky kitty cat destroying a roll of toilet paper out of spite. And it was hilarious. Like, milk squirting out of my nose funny. Why the heck is that so funny?

My favorite funny pet videos are the dog videos. First there are the funny pet videos where the dog is talking. Like, actually talking and emulating words. Hilarious. Then there are the funny pet videos where the dog actually sings. Sometimes he sings along with the radio and other times he sings along with his human, but still, singing dog videos are some of the best funny pet videos ever. Another favorite has to do with doggie facial expressions. I have seen a ton of funny pet videos where a dog is looking at their human with desperate pleading eyes, or smiling. Actually smiling.

But perhaps my favorite funny pet videos starring dogs are not the end all be all of funny pet videos. I saw one recently that featured a hamster running on piano keys playing a tune. I am not sure if that is more funny or awesome but it is a while lot of something. That was immediately followed by a macaw doing a coordinated dance to Dancing Queen. I have seen a ferret playing a guitar, I love videos of any animal sleepwalking… There is too much cuteness to be had.

Sometimes when I watch funny pet videos, I wonder if the lives of animals are like the ones in the fairy tails and when no people are around they act just like human beings. That is why dogs can smile and birds can dance. Because they really do it all the time and just keep it from us.