Why Funny Pet Videos Are Popular

Funny pets videos

Funny pet videos have become increasingly popular online. They range from mischievous cats to talking dogs. Funny pets videos can be found throughout the internet and can be posted by anyone. Many funny pet videos are circumstances of chance, such as people filming one thing and catching another, or curious pet owners to manage to catch their pets in a variety of circumstances.

One funny pet video showcases a small dog making a daring escape from his backyard. Another shows a cat sneaking up on its owner, pausing just a bit closer each time the camera is on him. Another funny pet video includes a kitten hitting its mother, only to stop and crouch in defeat when the mother turns around.

It is interesting to see animals act in such a way that is almost human, when we perceive ourselves to be the only species that can behave in such humorous ways. Many of these animal behaviors found in funny pet videos can be explained by animal behavior scientists. However, many people still find watching the video where the dog says I Love You to be funny and entertaining.

Many humans crave the companionship of animals because they provide unconditional loyalty and support. Some even go so far as to prefer the company of pets over that of humans. Funny pet videos are a way for humans to showcase their pets just as parents do with their children through photos and home videos. They are also a major form of entertainment and have often made it into the news or on talk shows. Some pets have even become internet icons and have a large fan base online. These videos have even gone so far as to show that any breed of dog can behave a certain way, whether it is a pit bull acting like a black lab, or a black lab acting how many people perceive pit bulls.