Why to Buy a Cavachon Puppy

Guide to buying a puppy

When you are thinking about how to buy a puppy, you might be wondering just how to go about the process. You have to decide where to buy puppies, perhaps a guide to buying a puppy, and what to look for when buying a puppy. You will need to choose the breed of puppy, color, and personality. When all is said and done, and you know how to buy a puppy, you might just find yourself with the one that spoke to you, not literally of course.

One breed that many people find just perfect is the Cavachon puppy. You might want to throw how to buy a puppy out the window and just go for it. Look into a Cavachon puppy. There are several pluses to buying a Cavachon. First of all, those with Alzheimers, according to Web MD, can benefit from owning a pet and are shown to have less anxious outbursts. Having a pet can increase seratonin and dopamine levels. This can lower your anxiety and increase your feeling of well being. While you are thinking about how to buy a puppy, remember that petting your dog can provide sensory stress relief. It can also lower your symptoms of depression and panic.

So, how to buy a puppy. Well when looking at Cavachon puppies, there are some things you will want to know about the breed. A Cavachon is a cross breed between a full bred Bichon Frise and a full bred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The approximate lifespan is between 10 and 12 years. They usually stand between 10 and 15 inches tall and weigh approximately 10 to 25 pounds. Cavachons have a stable sporty stature and are usually very alert.

Cavachons are considered a hypoallergenic dog because they shed very little, even if at all. They easily adapt to their environment and are good with other dogs and even cats. Cavachons are a good fit for a small home or apartment but can also do well in a larger home as well. Overall, the Cavachon is known to be a very loving and affectionate breed, which makes them perfect as a companion animal. So now you know how to buy a puppy and most important what kind of puppy to buy.