All natural pet shampoo brings relief to itchy cats and dogs

Itchy cat

Skin irritation on dogs or dry skin on cats can make your pets miserable. They can’t tell you how much it’s bothering them, but the evidence is there. First, there is the constant licking or scratching and finally there are hot spots, excessive shedding and raw skin. Some of the more than 160 different skin disorders dogs can contract can be chronic. No pet owner wants to see their animals uncomfortable and crabby.
Treatments for some conditions will require a shampoo, and any good pet owner knows that the best shampoo would have all natural ingredients free from harmful chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, formaldehyde and alcohol. An all natural pet shampoo can ease itchy skin in dogs almost immediately. These all natural pet shampoos use the same high-quality ingredients found in their human counterparts. Because pets bring so much joy, it’s easy to see why pet owners will do just about anything to keep their pets happy. In fact, a survey showed that 94% of pet owners say their pets bring a smile to their face daily.
One event that often does not bring a smile to a pet’s face is the prospect of attending a groomer. And while a trip to the groomer can be a solution for some pets’ skin troubles, research shows that pets that are 12 years and older sometimes can not handle the stress that going to a groomer can cause. This makes home remedies and an all natural pet shampoo even more valuable.. A little stress-free shampoo at home can ease the itching and lower the stress level of both owners and pets.
And dogs are not alone in their skin trouble. Cats, too, suffer from itchy skin caused by skin allergies and an all natural pet shampoo can ease their scratching and improve their quality of life. An itchy cat is an unhappy cat.
Just like humans, dogs and cats can suffer from a simple condition of dry skin, and a little TLC and a natural shampoo for dogs or cats can help keep your pet happy and healthy and bring you and your family joy for many years. If you wouldn’t want harmful chemicals in your own skin and hair care products, you sure don’t want it for your pet, either. All natural products help you care for your pet the way you’d care for your own family.
All natural shampoos are also great for regular grooming even if skin issues are not a factor.