3 Benefits of Getting Pet Insurance

Vet insurance for dogs

Did you know that 46.3 million households own dogs? If you are one of those households, you know how having a dog isn’t merely having a pet — it’s more like having a companion for life. Studies prove that owning a pet like a loyal pooch can not only increase your happiness, but can actually help you live longer. But in order to keep yourself happy, you need to keep your pet happy and healthy. And when they get sick, it can end up being a costly and upsetting dilemma.
And just like humans, when your furry friend gets sick, animal care is extremely expensive. In fact, the United States spends a whopping $13.59 billion on pet health and veterinary care each year. That means that a simple trip to the vet for a minor concern can result in a bill worth hundreds of dollars.
In order to ensure that your pet gets regular and affordable pet health care, pet insurance is extremely important.
So what are the benefits of pet insurance? Read on to find out:

Easier to Pick Your Pet Care Provider
Pet insurance plans offer a number of different veterinarians, making it much easier to select your pet care provider. Unlike human health insurance, there’s no discrimination when it comes to pet insurance policies.

Will Not Discriminate Based on Age or Breed
While younger pets usually receive lower premiums, most per insurance policies allow you to ensure your pet at any age, regardless of breed.

Give You Peace of Mind
Many people are hesitant to take their pets to the vet due to exorbitant medical costs. Pet care insurance covers up to 80% of vet fees, making it affordable to give your pet the care they deserve.

Most importantly, pet insurance can extend the duration of your furry friend’s life. This way, you never have to hesitate about taking your pet to the vet.