Why Insurance for Pets is a Great Investment

Health concerns for senior dogs

Having a pet is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Anyone who has had the pleasure of caring for and bonding with a pet of their own, or even one of a friend, neighbor, or family member, can testify to the fact that there is something special between owner and pet. This special something can even often resemble the connection between loved ones. Most pet owners will tell you that they consider their pet to be another member of their family. So it is no surprise that many people choose to invest in insurance for pets, in an attempt to keep them happy and healthy for as long as possible.

Getting insurance for pets

The relationship between humans and animals has morphed over time. There were times that animals were little more than food to hunt or catch, or predators to avoid, or laborers to train for our uses. But as society developed, and civilizations became less dependent on animals for survival, people began to grow dependent on animals for companionship. Ancient Egyptians were holding domesticated cats in high esteem so long ago, and cats are among the most popular pets to this day. In fact the United States leads the world when it comes to cats, as there are around 76.43 million felines across the country.

As our collective love and adoration for pets grew, it became more and more important to help maintain good pet health and quality pet care, and eventually insurance for pets became a helpful way to provide for and afford that care. Whether you have a special breed of cat that needs quite a bit of medication, or you have seen the pain that older dogs sometimes go through and want to help prevent it, insurance for pets is a good avenue to explore.

The prevalence of pets in our society

You do not have to look far to witness our society’s preoccupation and admiration for our pets. Millions of dollars are spent each year on advertising for pet food, cat litter, dog groomers and so many other pet accessories and services. People buy outfits for their pets, and build houses for them, and bring them along everywhere they possibly can. In the United States, there are somewhere between 37% and 47% of all households that have a dog in their home. Likely most of those families would call their dog a member of the family. Pets hold a very important place in our hearts, and our spending shows that. From toys and comforts to food, health, and care, pet owners tend not to shy away from spending.

This is why pet insurance plans are growing in popularity. People want the very best for their pets, and often, the best health care and treatments that are now available that were not available in the past can get quite pricey. The United States spends about $12.5 billion on over the counter medication for pets and other pet supplies each year. The number is not too far behind the amount spend on veterinary care each year, which is around $13.6 billion.

Taking advantage of progress

Our beloved little fur babies are precious and cherished members of our families. No one wants to see their pet suffer, and with the development of science and technology at the point that it is, there are treatments and medical solutions to many of the ailments that face pets. Where families may have had to face a sorrowful goodbye to their pets, there are now solutions that allow them to enjoy many more years of joy with a happy and healthy pet. But just because the solutions exist does not mean that they are simple or easy to fund. Pet insurance companies can walk families through the options of giving their pets the best health plans that fit their budget and what is best for their particular breed or type of pet.

The loving bond between human and animal should be nurtured and cherished for as long as possible, and with pet insurance, pets are living longer, happier and healthier lives.