Top 5 Reasons You Need Pet Insurance

pet healthThe companionship and unconditional love of a cat or dog is one of the most incredible things you can experience. Because of that, you want your pet to be under the best care possible and ensure that they remain healthy their whole life. Even if your fuzzy pooch needs a wellness visit or your beloved cat needs a vaccination, eventually pet health will be an essential factor to keep those four legs running and that tail wagging. But the expenses in order to do that can really add up. The U.S. spends roughly $13.59 billion on vet care for pet health each year. However, there is a way to help. Here are 5 reasons you need pet insurance.

  1. Puppies require a lot of care
    Getting a new puppy can be a great reward and a great challenge. Never mind the potty training and making sure he doesn’t chew up your good shoes, puppies require a lot of health care. Like a newborn baby, their immune systems aren’t as strong as an adult dog’s. They require many vaccinations, health check-ups, and may even need to get neutered. Not only that, but you also need to protect your fluffy friend from fleas and parasites that would make them ill. This crucial animal care requires a lot of time and funds to keep the little guy bouncing. Puppy pet health can be made a lot easier with pet insurance.
  2. Animals who love the outdoors are at risk
    Everyone loves taking their four-legged friend for a nice, long walk outside. Playing catch or simply walking through a quiet trail can keep your dog’s muscles strong and their weight healthy. However, this also poses a risk for outside diseases. Other animals may introduce a nasty and potentially deadly illness to your dog. Rats, opossums, and raccoons are easily spotted and typically afraid of humans and dogs, but there is also the issue of feral cats. There exist about 60 million feral cats in the U.S. today, which makes spreading a disease highly possible. Even if the feral cat is healthy, if it becomes territorial and feels threatened, it could possibly scratch your dog. The scratch could become infected, leading to even bigger problems for your pet’s health.
  3. Animals need regular check-ups
    Just like people need yearly physicals, animals need check-ups with the vet. This is to ensure their continuing health, provide any booster shots for previous vaccinations, check their weight is being properly maintained, or even to trim your skittish pet’s nails. Pet wellness plans offer help to make sure these visits go as smoothly as possible, leaving your pet’s health in perfect condition.
  4. Some pets have bad allergies
    Even animals can be allergic to things that really cause no harm to them. While we, as humans, can take an allergy pill and blow our nose and basically muddle through that way, pets may not have it so easily. Their allergies can sometimes result in painful hives or uncontrollable itching, which causes extra stress on them, leading to worsening symptoms. Having healthcare plans for your pet can provide them with the medicine they need to combat these symptoms and leave them smiling.
  5. Older dogs also require a lot of care
    With your cherished companion getting on in years, you want to make sure they are there, healthy and happy, for as long as possible. Senior dog care is vital for older dogs, who are much more susceptible to arthritis, liver disease, and even cancer. You want to protect your animal’s health for as long as possible and insurance for pets is a great way to do it.

Pet health for your precious pup or kitty is a must for any lover of animals. Keep them happy the same way they’ve kept you happy, by making sure their health is top notch for their whole life with pet insurance. They’ll thank you!