Personalized Pet Tags Can Help Bring Your Pet Home

Dog id tags

Pet owners know how good it feels to come home to a furry friend at the end of the day, and pets look forward to the return of their owners just as much. Over 90% of pet owners say their pet makes them smile at least once a day, and the bond shared with our pets is unbreakable. It’s scary to consider what would happen if your pet got lost, but the best way to prepare for this possibility is to create a plan. Personalized pet tags are a great way to ensure that you and your pet are never apart for too long.

If your pet is lost, the first step in locating him or her is to raise awareness by handing out flyers and hanging up posters. You must include your pet’s name, your contact information, physical and personality characteristics of your pet, and any special instructions if found. It is extremely helpful to print a picture of your pet as well. Only one-third of dog owners have framed pictures of their dogs, so you should check to make sure you have several pet photos in case of an emergency.

Unique pet tags can help identify your pet, and it’s even better if your pet is wearing the ID tag in a photo. There are many kinds of custom pet tags available, and you should choose one that suits your style (and your pet’s!). If you are concerned about safety, reflective pet tags are an option. For truly personalized pet tags, why not try getting a few pet tags engraved? If you’re on a budget, cheap pet tags are just as effective as expensive ones.

Just as important as the style you decide on is the information you provide. Remember, a personalized pet tag can help bring your lost pet home, so choose wisely! Any “Lost Pet” posters you hand out should match pet name tags for easy identification. You may need multiple pet ID tags to include your phone number, address, name, and most importantly your pet’s name.
Dogs have millions of odor-detecting cells in their noses that help them navigate a search for their owner if they get lost, and cats have an excellent sense of direction that can help them return home. If you and your pet are separated, they’ll be looking for you, and providing them with personalized pet tags increases their chances of returning home safely.