Three Social Media Tips Every Burgeoning Startup Should Know

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Did you know that 64% of all Americans rely on search engines to find local businesses? It shouldn’t surprise you, especially because it’s fairly well known by now that searches have effectively replaced more traditional means of looking up info, especially the Yellow Pages. But in order to be seen on search engine results pages, you need to first get noticed anyway you can. That’s where web marketing comes into play — and no web marketing tool is as immediate these days as social media.

Building a professional website is only one piece of the gigantic web marketing puzzle you’ll likely come to see as your greatest challenge (and eventually, maybe even your greatest accomplishment). The other legwork is going to be done via social media, and it’s easy to see why. With an estimated nearly 90% of all American small businesses utilizing sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, social media can factor heavily into a company’s chances of getting noticed on the results pages. Here’s what you can do to make that happen.

On Facebook, let photos be your friends.

One of the best improvements Facebook ever made was the additional of a cover photo to users’ profile pages. That means the first you, as a consumer, see when you click on a business’ page is a large color photo strategically chosen to convey a particular message to you about that company. On the other end of that transaction, you, as the company, needs to be able to use that photo as an opportunity to sum up your brand. For ideas, look at what some of the more well-known companies are doing. But always try to make your own path.

On Twitter, keep the pithy messages flowing.

With 115 million active monthly users, Twitter is one of the most rapidly growing social tools a business has available to it. But you have to know how to do it right — after all, not all tweets are created equal. There’s no use having a Twitter account if you never tweet, and indeed, you need to be not just a user but a presence in order to get fellow tweeters’ attention. One way to do that is to update multiple times per day with fresh, dynamic content. Of course, that’s easier said than done. Where will this content come from in the first place?

Create the most dynamic, compelling content you can.

Let’s say you just opened up your own veterinary clinic and are now looking for veterinarian marketing ideas that will raise your site to prominence. You’ve hired a team for strategic vet website design, you’ve created your social media accounts but are now at a loss for content. This is where a team of highly dedicated bloggers and SEO professionals enter the picture. There’s no use in keeping the content creation to your own employees if you’re running a vet clinic — they’re doctors, not writers (nor vet website designers), after all. That’s why professional content-generating teams can be so valuable.

When your site it set up, when the vet website design is geared toward its audience, when the social media accounts are established and consistently cranking out content, then you’ll know you’re doing all you can to promote your business. In the meantime, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get to work. Check out this site for more: