Going on a Trip? Find a Doggie Day Care Near You

One thing all pet owners dread is the time when they have to take a trip and are unable to take their furry companions with them. Whether it’s a long distance vacation or a business trip or some other trip that is not pet-friendly, pet owners are faced with a hard choice. You can trust a friend to try and take care of your furry family member, or find a licensed pet daycare dogs and cats can stay at to be taken care of by professionals.

There are a lot of questions that get asked, usually something along the lines of “how can I find the best dog boarding around me?” and “how much does dog boarding care near me cost?” The answers to these questions will vary depending on where you live, what kind of dog or cat you have, how long you are going to be gone for, and what special care you want your pet to get during their stay.

Your veterinarian is likely going to be the best source of information when you need options for dog boarding for small dogs or larger breeds and where to find cat boarding options for your feline companions as well.

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How do you find a vet near you? If you have a pet that you love and struggle to care for, you’re not alone. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, or AVMA, 36.5% of all American households own dogs as pets. Not only that, but 30.4% of households own cats – that’s 36,117,000 households alone. And like many of them, you’ve been faced with the common dilemmas of pet ownership, such as:
-Where do I find a vet near me?
-How do I afford medical treatment for my pet?
-How do I make sure my pet is cared for while I’m away?
-Should I use a puppy day care while I’m at work?
-Should I use boarding kennels while I’m on vacation?

If you find yourself asking at least one of these questions on a daily basis, then don’t fret – there’s a common solution to each of these problems. Find a vet near you using Bartels and Busack Pet Hospital and Pet Resort.

Ever since 1986, Bartels and Busack Pet Hospital and Pet Resort has been a member of the American Animal Hospital Association, or AAHA, and offers certified care in providing you with both local veterinarians and pet boarding kennels. Finding a vet near you can be a near-impossible task by itself, but Bartels and Busack comes through for you by offering the highest quality pet care at affordable rates. Whether you need an emergency animal hospital right away or you simply need a doggy daycare to keep an eye on your pet, Bartels and Busack helps you find a vet near you to ensure your pet gets the best possible care.

There are many facts you have to take into consideration when trying to find a vet near you, but very often, the deciding factor is cost. In the United States, a typical dog owner will spend an average of $378 just on veterinary visits every single year. Finding a vet shouldn’t be so difficult that you have to skip out on the best possible care for your beloved pet simply for the sake of financial difficulties. Bartels and Busack goes out of their way to make sure they find you the best veterinary care at a level that anyone can afford. When it comes to the health of your pet, you can finally have the best care for less.

Own a different kind of pet? If so, you can finally find a vet near you that can treat your pet with the specialized care that can be found in any other pet. Bartels and Busack makes sure to provide your pet with the best possible care, regardless of how specialized its needs may be. Even with small pets, their needs may be equally great. The AMVA states that in the U.S., the average bird ownership rate comes to 2.3 birds per household. If your pet requires special needs or instructions for its care, whether it be medical or therapeutic, you can find a vet near you in Bartels and Busack that’s up to the task of serving your pet’s every need. Get more on this here.