More People in Need of Great Veterinary Services

Veterinary laboratory services

We love pets! And because we do, America as a whole has invited an array of pets into their lives, with the hopes that they can keep them happy and healthy as they mutually benefit from the love of one another. Because Americans love their pets and want to keep them safe, they choose diagnostics when their pets encounter a health issue. As a result, the veterinary diagnostics market is especially popular during this time, in a day and age where we have everything it takes to diagnose a certain disease or disorder in your loved one. Today we will talk a closer look at how much pride we take in our pets, as well as why veterinary laboratory services are sometimes needed.

We Love Our Pets

You can tell how much Americans love their pets and want to keep them safe. About 2 million people own horses, 70-80 million dogs are owned, and about 96 million cats are owned. According to a poll by, approximately 63% of dog owners and 58% of cat owners even give their pets Christmas presents around the holidays! But what happens when something goes wrong with our loved ones? We want the services that matter the most and give us the best results so we can give them necessary treatment, right?

Lab Services for Your Loved Ones

Because we care about the health of our pets, America’s veterinary diagnostics market is at an all-time high. With many treatments and cures for diseases and more, pets are getting the treatment that matters. Each clinical diagnostics laboratory is used to diagnose your loved one for a variety of diseases, such as Heartworm, EIAV (or Equine Infectious Anemia Virus), and more. One million dogs are estimated to be heartworm positive each year in the U.S. Horses are candidates for EIAV, which is extremely contractable, and can kill a horse within 3 weeks.

When your loved one’s health is declining and you know you need to act fast, laboratory services can make things right. For every pet and every diagnosis, the cure is out there, and they’ll help you reach it.